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Project 365 – 1 Month Down

Can you believe it’s the end of January already? The first month of 2013 is DONE! That’s it. Over. And here’s my final picture for January! I’m in the picture, but please focus on my poor, poor phone.  Yep. I’m afraid it’s a goner. Finished. Kaput. It resets itself multiple times a day.  I don’t mean it restarts. I mean it resets. Sometimes a soft reset that only loses a few settings. Sometimes a hard reset – back to new status! All apps, everything – gone! Today it has reset about 7 or 8 times probably.

I did plan to wait until I got my income tax refund. But now I think I’ll do that as soon as I get paid again because I can’t take it anymore. Maybe I’ll buy some flat mounts and hang it on the wall to admire. That’s about all it’s good for – a dust collector on the wall! *sigh*

I shouldn’t talk so bad. It’s been a good phone. It’s just lived it’s life I guess. I’m just in a bind because I want to change carriers, and my contract doesn’t go out for a year. So for a discounted phone, I have to sign a NEW contract. NO! Which means instead I would be paying full price for a phone! YIKES! I think I’ve decided that it would be cheaper to pay out my contract with my current provider – Cellular One to be able to change.

Wow! For a “Picture” a day, that’s a lot of words, huh?

Samsung Galaxy

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