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Project 365 – 1 Month Down

Can you believe it’s the end of January already? The first month of 2013 is DONE! That’s it. Over. And here’s my final picture for January! I’m in the picture, but please focus on my poor, poor phone.  Yep. I’m afraid it’s a goner. Finished. Kaput. It resets itself multiple times a day.  I don’t mean it restarts. I mean it resets. Sometimes a soft reset that only loses a few settings. Sometimes a hard reset – back to new status! All apps, everything – gone! Today it has reset about 7 or 8 times probably.

I did plan to wait until I got my income tax refund. But now I think I’ll do that as soon as I get paid again because I can’t take it anymore. Maybe I’ll buy some flat mounts and hang it on the wall to admire. That’s about all it’s good for – a dust collector on the wall! *sigh*

I shouldn’t talk so bad. It’s been a good phone. It’s just lived it’s life I guess. I’m just in a bind because I want to change carriers, and my contract doesn’t go out for a year. So for a discounted phone, I have to sign a NEW contract. NO! Which means instead I would be paying full price for a phone! YIKES! I think I’ve decided that it would be cheaper to pay out my contract with my current provider – Cellular One to be able to change.

Wow! For a “Picture” a day, that’s a lot of words, huh?

Samsung Galaxy

Project 365 – Catching Up

My phone is officially on crack. Almost every day it resets its self to factory defaults. I’ve googled. I’ve done everything I can find as ideas to why. And I’ve given up so I’m now living with it.  But what that means is I think I’ve lost a picture or two in those resets. So let’s see what we have here.

Thursday – Jan 24

We had to go back to Nacogdoches to Auto Zone because apparently to take apart the water pump, I needed a special tool.  If we have to go to Nacogdoches after school, it means we must eat right? So we went to one of my favorite Mexican restaurants!

La Carreta

Friday – Jan 25

Finally, my niece came to stay with us again. We were really missing her. My daughter commented, “I know Summer can get annoying, but when I don’t see her for a while, it feels like a part of my heart is missing.”  Aww!  That’s why ever little kid needs cousins close by. :-) This picture was taken outside of my Dad and Mom’s where they spent Friday night.SAMSUNG

Saturday – Jan 26

The reason the girls stayed at my parents was I that I was taking my students to Academic competition. We started the second weekend in January and have competition every weekend except one through mid March. This week we were at Whitehouse High School.


Sunday – January 27

A day off!! Woohoo! Well not really. Because as my only day off, I have a heck of a To Do list by then. On my list today – putting up the last of the Christmas.


Monday – January 28

What a long day at work today!  I could have stayed even longer, but I hated to keep Cameron up there any longer so finally we called it a day at 6:24 p.m. (I arrived at work about 6:45 that morning.)


Tuesday – Jan 29

My niece is back over!  So excited to be spending so much time with her. Don’t know how they do it, but they both sleep in Cameron’s twin bed.


Project 365 Day 23

Traded vehicles with my Dad tonight so that he can replace my Water Pump, Power Steering Pump, and a belt of some type tomorrow. Woohoo! It’ll be like a brand new car. Well, not really, but at least I won’t be putting water in it every day or two, and it won’t sound so loud and obnoxious when it’s running.  That’s a step towards “like new” I guess. :-)


Yes, it’s a crappy picture. It was dark and my phone is not a stellar camera.

Project 365 Day 22: Rare Fast Food (for us)

We went to Nacogdoches today after school. Cameron decides she wanted to eat at Wendy’s today. This is rare for us. We’ve probably eaten there 3 or 4 times in 12 years. Yea, not very often. Every time I eat at Wendy’s though, I think of my brother, Tommie, who proclaimed when he was in high school that “Dave must be communist because only a communist would make a hamburger square.”  It’s funny the things that stick with you, but it’s true. Every time I eat at Wendy’s. I think of him.


Yep. It’s a very unhealthy dinner, but I enjoyed every bite. :-)